Our Urgent Message To You About Your Home and Your Foundation . . . 

Protect Your Most Important Assets:

Protect Your Home and Your Foundation From the

Ravages of  Texas Expansive Clay.

Use These FREE Simple Tips to Save your Home and Your Foundation From its Downward Spiral Into Structural Failure


Dear Friend,

You don’t want to fool around with your home foundation. Take my word on that.
Of course, before I can expect you to believe me, I should introduce myself.
My name is Jeff Lineberger, P. E.
In my nearly three decades as an engineer, I’ve treated thousands of broken foundation systems. And what I’ve seen truly frightens me.
Perhaps you share my fears. Recently, you may have noticed floor or wall cracking.  You may start to worry about your home’s structural integrity — or even worse, its safety.  The biggest problem is the ravages of expansive clays can strike at any time.
Unable to care for yourself. Unable to recognize your friends, your loved ones, even common objects around your home.
Even unable to control your bowel and bladder function. You have good reason for your concern.
Here’s why . . .